Self-care & Soulful Startup is a 6 week intensive program for successful corporate professional women feeling unhappy, unhealthy or unfilled who want to prioritize holistic wellness and start a purposeful business they truly enjoy. 


If you’re reading this, you most likely went to college, got a degree, started your corporate career, and did everything you were supposed to do. 


So why does it feel like something is missing? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but lately you’ve been feeling down, unenergized or just stuck.


You’ve thought about what it would feel like to feel truly happy, healthy and fulfilled at a deeper level, but just haven’t had the time or opportunity to do anything about it.


Maybe you’ve even thought of starting  your own business doing what you really love, but never took it seriously because you just don’t know where to even start, or if it’s even possible for you. 


So you continue to go to your 9-5, show up where you’re supposed to be, and continue to let life control you and pass you by, hiding under the truth that you were meant for so much more...


Well there is a way you can finally prioritize your health and bring passion back into your life by starting your own soulful, online, service-based startup.


Without the risk of quitting your 9-6.


While still making time for self care and personal development.


In just 6 weeks.


Yes, you heard that right- self-care and a soulful startup in just 6 weeks.


And that is the Soulful Startup six week course with a side-by-side wellness curriculum valued at $997.


A program infused with lessons on how to harness your universal power.


And reach new levels of health and wellness while working to create a meaningful business of your dreams.


Trust me, this is not another 6 month, $10k program that promises overnight results without the work.


It’s a real, intensive 6 week program for women just like you who are ready for more and willing to put in the work. 


The best part?


I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way!


I’m Fatima, a holistic wellness expert and living proof that you can wake up every day excited to work on what brings your life meaning.


I’m here to help you go from a life of “not bad” to “unbelievably amazing” by working on yourself and creating a purposeful service based business online. And to make sure you know that it is possible for you, too.


How do I know this? Because I can relate.


I went to my dream school, got my dream job, and finally had enough income to get my dream home within walking distance (literally a walk in the park).


Finally, I thought I had it all. I thought this was my dream, to go to college and get a high paying job...but I couldn’t quite shake the lingering feeling that something was still missing. 


And as the days passed me by,  I realized more and more, that maybe I was meant for something more.


I realized that I was still not truly happy at a deeper level. 


I realized that I still felt fatigued and unenergized. 


And I realized that no matter how much I liked my job, I was still tied down to the schedule I was required to work, not to mention the often inevitable hierarchy of having a boss and having to follow rules that didn’t always make sense or benefit me, and just not being able to do things in my own way.


But I didn’t want to be like everyone else who either quit their 9-5 on a whim without thinking of the consequences and taking a huge risk, or staying tied to my 9-5 with no solid plans on if and how and when I could actually ever make that happen for myself.


Finally, I learned that taking the leap and just starting while I’m still in my 9-5 was the perfect solution to transition with because I could still rely on a consistent income, tolerate anything undesirable at work because I always knew in the back of my mind that it was temporary, and still be excited everyday doing something I love and work towards my ultimate dream of turning it into a full-time career. 


I realized that life truly is a journey of good and bad times, challenges and wins, but the important thing is to realize that it’s not always black and white, all or nothing. I can still be growing while I’m secure, and I can have periods of contentment and gratitude for everything I have while also having times where I’m motivated and inspired to take the necessary steps to reach new goals- goals that I resonate with, goals that change, and that’s okay! 


The internal and external journey are both important and necessary parts of a fulfilling life; if you are missing either aspect, you will always be out of alignment with your true self and keep you from living your best life.


So I went on a long search determined to find others who had found their calling, along with the deeper inner peace I so badly craved.


And I found it! 


In fact, it was everywhere. It was no secret, and so many people before me had done exactly what I was looking for this whole time. 


I met amazing mentors and teachers and guides who taught me exactly how to put it all together- my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being, and a deeply fulfilling purpose that I was excited to wake up for every morning.


I discovered the power of presence. The power of mindfulness and holistic health. And the power of hard-work, patience, consistency and the law of attraction to create a fulfilling purpose biz (?)


After seeing all the people who were doing it, I knew I HAD to take action, but I was going to do it in my own way, while I stayed in my secure job.


That was the hardest part, deciding. 


Because once I made the decision, all the excuses started to fall away. 


I realized I did have time, if I stopped binging the new additions on Netflix or getting caught in the dangerous cycle of scrolling my social media feeds every half hour. 


I did have the energy if I paid attention to what I put in my body and prioritized the power of movement and sleep.


Despite all of the obstacles that could have held me back throughout my life, the passing of my father and sister, despite my divorce, despite losing my job and my home, despite leaving everything I knew and everyone I loved behind to start over in a new city, I did it.


I made the decision, I hired a coach, I made serious changes in my life, and I started my very own business. 


It wasn’t easy...there were a lot of mindset challenges and limiting beliefs I had to work through day after day, a lot of risks and a lot of challenges, but with the right help I did it and so can you. 


Getting a coach was way outside of my comfort zone, and taking out a loan was something I had never done aside from my student loans, and I was actually really terrified to start now. 


But I realized that if I invested in college to show up to my job, then why not invest in a coach to have my ideal health and career?


Why not for this, which I loved even more, and which required even less time and money? 


(Plus, I was held accountable and I wanted to, to pay back my loans and be free of financial burden?)


You invested in even more time and finances for college, and show up daily to a job that’s not deeply fulfilling. Why would you NOT invest in yourself and show up to your business?


What’s included:

  • 6 x 45 minute mindset calls

  • 6 week startup course

  • Self-care for success course

  • 30+ downloadable resources, worksheets, guides

  • Startup solution package (forms)

  • Access to FB group (or email access?)


By the end of the program, you will:

  • Have your very own soulful startup or side-hustle

  • Have a clear understanding of exactly what brings you purpose

  • Feel mental clarity about your deeper purpose

  • Learn how to stop feeling anxious and live in the present

  • Implement the healthy habits that will leave you energized daily

  • Gain confidence in yourself and your ability to make a difference

  • Have all your back-office and frontline business systems in place

  • Be better able to manage your time and work smarter, not harder

  • Improve your overall mood, health and daily routine as a bossbabe


What we will cover:

  • Gain clarity

  • Define your brand identity

  • Find your niche

  • Get organized

  • Identify ideal client

  • Create your website

  • Package your services

  • Mindset coaching

  • Goal-setting

  • Social Media set-up

  • Marketing 101

  • Finding your first client



Module 1:

- discovering your true self (course A)

- The what, who, why and how (course B)


Module 2:

- understanding the mind (course A)

- brainstorm/content creation (course B)


Module 3: 

- physical health- diet/exercise/sleep (course A)

- Catch-up/self-care week with optional sales page (course B) - this will allow them to catch up, do self-care and optional sales for anyone who wants to learn!


Module 4:

- Connection with other people (course A)

- Branding and website/how you want to represent yourself to others (course B)


Module 5:

- gratitude/manifesting success (course A)

- social media marketing/attracting clients (course B)


Module 6:

- Bonus week of resources for simplifying, productivity and happiness (Course A)

- Bonus week of Intro marketing tips and SEO basics (course B)



An online course for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a virtual service-based side hustle that is in alignment with their passion and purpose (and eventually quit their 9-5 to live a life of total freedom)!


6 weeks of individual business and life coaching where I guide you through step-by-step actions to not only create a thriving business, but to do so while enjoying the process and seeing real results. We make sure to also incorporate healthy habits, mindset shifts and soul work, so if you’re ready to invest in yourself and completely transform your life and career then sign up for a free consultation so we can chat and find out if we’re the right match!

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